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ReliefX™ Smart Neck Massager

ReliefX™ Smart Neck Massager

ReliefX™ Smart Neck Massager

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Relieve neck and shoulder discomfort in just 15 minutes by soothing pain points.



The Serenity uses low-frequency electrical impulses in association with TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to restore tired and sore neck muscles. Reduce neck strain and restore damaged cervical balance.

✔ Relieve neck pain and stiffness

✔ Cervical pain

✔ Body tension

✔ Improve sleep quality

✔ Promote blood circulation

Use it for 15 minutes each day for the best results. And try not to let it put you to sleep while using it to reclaim mobility during work breaks. Yes, it feels that darn good!

- Voted 2020's Best Portable Health Product -

  • Warm Relief: Combines low-cycle Acupulse™ Technology and constant heat for calming relief.
  • Nerve Stimulation: Experience a deeply effective massage through the stimulation of nerves and muscles.
  • Real Massage: Soothes tired muscles, reduces stress, and relieves aches and stiffness by imitating the effects of real massage.


The Relux Serenity neck and shoulder massager is all you need for a moment of deep effective pain relief. Whether at the desk, in the commute, or on the business trip, ease stress and tension. Use for 15 minutes a day to see the results.

  • Ease Discomfort: Using both heat and electric pulsation, the Relux reaches 3 - 5cm below the skin to open pain points, and lighten discomfort associated with the cervical spine, noticeably reducing neck and shoulder pain with daily use.
  • Personal Electrotherapy: Fifteen different levels of force, and three massage modes based on industry methods; 'Acupuncture and Moxibustion', 'Pressure Massage', and 'Pulsate'.



With its light weight, compact form factor, and stylish design, the Relux Serenity is perfect for use during commutes. Just 15 minutes a day is all that's required to noticeable reduce neck and shoulder discomfort. You're never far from relief, as the Relux Serenity can be relied on to take the pressure off.

  • Compact & Easy to Use: It's easy to find the time to benefit from the Relux Serenity. Compact form factor allows for easy usage during commutes.
  • Safe and Convenient: Let your mind wander as you read, work, or relax. Default power off at 15 minutes allows for safe power consumption and peace of mind.
  • Lasting Relief: The 1600mAh battery allows for one months use on a single charge*.

*Based on the recommended 15 mins a day

*Not for use with pacemakers or pregnancy


1x Portable USB Neck Massager Pro v2.0

1x USB Charging Cord

1x Remote Controller

1x User Manual

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